RUBBER BASED – NON-CURING (BUTYL TAPES):Non-Curing rubber based Butyl mastic putty, tapes are highly tacky compounds possessing excellent peel strength, goods adhesion to metal, non-metal with good weathering properties.

Salient Features: High elongation, Posses excellent peel strength, Highly tacky compound, Effectively seals and dampens vibration, Excellent addition on most of the substrates.

Applications: Sealing on air conditioner compressor and condenser to prevent entry of water and moisture. Insulating compounds in bus bar joints, electrical connections. Door trim sealing for preventing ingress of moisture and vibration. Sound dampening pads for noise reduction in Automobiles, Air conditioners and gensets. Sealing joints encountered in pre engineered metal building fabrications such as vents, gutters, roof jacks, window tins door fins etc.