All over the world, Cold Formed Steel is used as the basic material of construction to be completed on fast track
projects. Considering the higher strength to weight ratio of these sections, we have become very popular in the construction of steel buildings, whether it is a simple storage shed or a complex Turbo Generator building in a power plant. We are well accepted by architects and structural consultants all over India and abroad.

We supply a wide variety of sections like C-Channels, Lip Channels, Sigma sections, Z-Purlins, Angles and various other contours, usually in thickness range of upto 8 mm. Sections can be supplied in various grades of steel depending on the customer requirement

Thickness : 1.5 mm to 8 mm
Length : upto 12000 mm
Material : CR Steel / HR Steel / Galvanized Steel
Yield Strength: 245 Mpa to 345 Mpa
Type : Bare, Primer Coated, Galvanized, Painted

For easy erection and also to avoid wastage / rework at site, we supply the suitable sizes of Purlins in pre -punched
condition. The material required is cut to length as per the customers specifications / drawings.